Hi, my name is Luke Rogers, and in this section I should blow my own trumpet a bit, you know, about my business and experience etc. Trouble is I find all that deeply embarrasing. I tried writing this in the third person but that was even more disturbing.


So here goes: I've been working with computers since 1985 starting with the Apple ][, which you can find , to my bemusement, under glass at the Science and Technology Museum. My next computer was an IBM PC, and I've never looked back since. Well, actually I look back all the time, with nostalgia and wonder mostly.  However I still like working on Apple Macs and other machines, but the PC is my joy. I am one of the lucky few whose job is also their hobby. Also I inflict articles about computing on my local magazine.


What can I do for you?


  • Computer savior: Dead machine, no lights, no sound? Lets see if I can bring it back to life.


  • Computer data recovery: Machine still dead? I will try to save your precious documents, emails and pictures.


  • Computer servicing: A good old service will make the oldest of machines feel better, run faster and do more.


  • Computer upgrading: A bit more memory, or a faster processor will give your old friend a new lease of life.


  • Computer installation: I will set up and install your new computer, without trying to sell you expensive programs that you don't need.


  • Internet connection: I can advise, install and instruct you on all things internet, and remember I am on your side. I have no reason to sell you anything you don't need.